Power Series Webinars

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  • All sessions are held at 1200 Eastern time

    • January 18th-Intro to Power Query
    • February 15th-Transforming data in Power Query
    • March 15th-Cleaning data in Power Query
    • April 19th-Combining data from multiple sources
    • May 17th-Intro to Power Query M Formula Language
    • June 21st-Intro to Power BI
    • July 19th-Simple Visualizations in Power BI
    • August 16th-Power BI Visualizations Cont'd
    • September 20th-Mapping in Power BI
    • October 18th-Temporal Analysis
    • November 15th-Modeling
    • December 20th-Introduction to the DAX


Microsoft Power Bi is a powerful application for data visualization and reporting that can handle millions of rows of data. Power Query is a data transformation and preparation engine that can help you clean and process data from any source, and then repeat those steps when you get updated data. The data can then be passed to other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Power BI.

This webinar series will walk you through using Power Query and Power BI using live demonstrations in the applications with open source crime data. The data set can be found here

  • January-Intro to Power Query
    • Click here for the class materials for this session
    • What is Power Query?
    • Why should we use it
    • Examples
    • Where to start
  • February-Transforming data in Power Query
    • Click here for the class materials for this session.
    • Data formats
    • Add columns
    • Formatting and extracting time/date
  • March-Cleaning data in Power Query
    • Click here for the class materials for this session
    • Time/date Cleaning
    • Text cleaning
    • Number cleaning
  • April-Combining data from multiple sources
  • May-Intro to Power Query M Formula Language
    • Click here for the presentation for this session along with the links below for data sets
    • Introduction
    • Where to start
    • Examples
  • June-Intro to Power BI
    • What is Power BI
    • Why should we use Power BI
    • Examples
    • Where to start
  • July-Simple visualizations in Power BI
    • Bar charts
    • Pie charts
    • Graphs
  • August-Power BI visualizations Cont'd
    • Cards
    • KPI
    • Tables
    • Matrix
  • September-Mapping in Power BI
    • General map
    • ESRI map
    • Other options
  • October-Temporal Analysis
    • Day of week
    • Time of day
    • Matrix of time of day/day of week
  • November-Modeling
    • Star modeling
    • Manage relationships
    • Cardinality
    • Cross filter direction
  • December-Introduction to the DAX
    • Introduction
    • Simple formulas
    • Examples of advanced formulas
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Format & Continuing Education credits/Certificates

All Power Series webinars will be recorded; if you cannot attend the live session, we will provide the recording the next day to everyone who registers. For non-registrants, the recordings will be posted to the webinar library after 45 days.

All registrants who are IACA members will receive Continuing Education Credits and you may request a certificate if you want one. Anyone who attends the webinar live will receive a certificate automatically from GoToWebinar. 

We will not be able to award CEUs to those who watch videos in the webinar library, though you can request a certificate for any video in the library. See that page for more details. 


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