Webinar FAQ

I've registered for a webinar. Now what?

Congratulations! Webinars are a great way to learn specific techniques or topics in a short period of time. Now that you’ve registered, you should expect to receive an email, with directions on how to access the webinar. Your email will be sent to you approximately one week before the webinar.

The IACA uses Citrix Software, commonly known as GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar, to run the webinars. You will receive an email invitation directly from GoToWebinar that provides you the URL and audio information for accessing the class at the specified date and time. You will also receive an automated reminder 1 day and 1 hour before the webinar time.

If you need to cancel, please email [email protected]. If you cancel through the GoToWebinar invitation, we will not be notified.

I didn't get an email from GoToWebinar.

If you haven’t received notifications from either the Online Training Coordinator or GoToWebinar, please email [email protected], at least two days in advance of the webinar. Make sure you reference which webinar you are trying to attend.

How do I know GoToWebinar will work on my computer?

You can check current system requirements here.

BE FOREWARNED: It is not uncommon for an agency to block the GoToWebinar software. You should verify that you can run the software well in advance of the webinar session. Once the webinar begins, we cannot help you troubleshoot your problems. It is your responsibility to verify that you can access the platform. Here is a link you can use to test your connection.

Will I see the presenter?

No. You will have the opportunity to listen to the presenter; however, you will be able to view their computer screen and the activity on it.

How will I hear the presenter?

You will hear the audio through your speakers. If you have questions, you can type them in for the presenter using your keyboard, as well as type chat messages to either the presenter or IACA staff.

Can I sign up for my colleague/friend/coworker?

Yes. You can sign them up for the webinar; however, it is important to use their email address that is on file with the IACA. Otherwise, they will not receive the member tuition rate. Also, register for each person that will be attending the webinar session, even if you are viewing it together. Please use the honor system. Webinar fees are set at a reasonable rate of $10 for members to make the training affordable for you.

The website now allows for bulk registration. Click “register now,” then on the registration page, change the quantity of students and additional boxes will appear so you can enter multiple students. The system will automatically calculate the appropriate fee based on each person’s membership status.

What time is the webinar?

Webinar times will vary according to the presenter’s schedule. Times are always displayed in the Eastern time zone. Be sure you convert to your local time!

Is there an Android/iPhone App for GoToWebinar?

Yes. Search the appropriate app store for your operating system.

How do I ask a question?

There is a feature on your control panel that will allow you to type a question. The presenter will respond to questions as time allows. Some presenters choose to take questions during the webinar while others save them for the end.

It's not working!

First, click here for help. If you are still having problems, contact Citrix customer support for further assistance.

I can't attend the webinar. Is there a way I can catch it later?

Select webinars are posted to the Webinar Library section of the IACA website. All IACA members can access these recordings at any time and can receive a certificate (instructions are on the webinar library page). Please note that not all webinars are recorded. Each instructor has the choice to allow us to record the session or not. Those that are recorded will be posted to the library no sooner than 45 days from the original air date. If you are interested in a topic, we encourage you to attend it live. If you cannot attend, email the Training Committee to find out if alternative arrangements can be made.

The webinar I want to view is not on the list of available videos.

There are a couple of reasons you may not find a webinar on the IACA website. First, we have a 45 waiting period before we will post a webinar after it has been given to a live audience. Second, not all webinars are recorded for playback. This is because either the presenter did not give permission to have their presentation recorded or it was determined that the presentation material was best suited for a live (interactive) audience.

I want to register, but the website says you require registration 14 days in advance.

We routinely allow people to register up until the day before a webinar. First, check the IACA training area at to see if registration is still open for the webinar. If not, or if there is a wait list, send an email request for information to [email protected].

My agency won't pay until afterwards / I cannot make payment 15 days in advance.

Go ahead and register and then try to make payment as soon as possible. You will continue to receive reminder notices until payment is made. If you participate in any online training and fail to pay the appropriate fee, all future training opportunities will be suspended until payment has been made.

I missed the webinar because of a meeting/emergency/I forgot/etc. Can I get a refund or credit?

We do not issue refunds for missed webinars; however, you may be eligible for a webinar credit if the webinar will not be available for later viewing on the IACA website. Please email [email protected] with your request.

Will I receive a certificate?

Yes. Those who participate in the live webinar will receive a certificate generated by GoToWebinar the next day. This is one of the reasons why it’s important to register under your own name. If you cannot attend the live session and the webinar is being recorded, email us at [email protected] and we’ll send you the recording along with a certificate of attendance. Note that not all webinars are recorded.

I applied for membership, but the system won't allow me to register.

Because your membership is in a pending status, you must either wait until you become an active member or register with an email address different than what you used to apply to the IACA with. If you choose the latter option, send an email to [email protected] and hold off making payment until we are able to adjust your fee from the non-member rate to the member rate. Once the rate has been adjusted, we will send you a corrected invoice for payment.