In order to become a member of IACA, you must fulfill at least one of the following eligibility criteria:

  • A current employee of a law enforcement or criminal justice agency
  • An educator working in the fields of criminal justice or criminology
  • A student or other individual seeking a career in crime analysis
  • A private-sector employee who provide products and services related to crime analysis.

As a member of IACA, you can:

Attend IACA training conferences, classes and webinars at reduced rates

Discounted member rates apply to IACA Conferences and Professional Training Series classes.

Become a certified analyst

Our Law Enforcement Analyst Foundation (LEAF) and Certified Law Enforcement Analyst (CLEA) programs provide a framework for excellence and recognition within the field of crime analysis, internationally.

Participate in the IACA Mentoring Program

In our Analyst Mentoring Program (AMP), members help other members achieve their professional goals through Mentor and Mentee partnerships.

Access members only sections of the website

This includes:
  • A global searchable member database
  • Your own membership profile page (including the option to print your membership certificate)
  • Access to past conference presentations and webinars
  • Certification calculator to assess your eligibility for Certified Law Enforcement Analyst (CLEA) application
  • Crime analysis-related publications and resources (white papers, samples, templates, tips and tricks)
  • Updates and communication from the Executive Board (including meeting minutes).
  • Training records for IACA courses and webinars.
  • IACA Community to connect with other members.

Participate in online discussions

There are numerous forum categories to connect with other members for resources and information. 

Vote on Membership Interests

Vote on IACA Board positions, bylaw changes and other issues. 

Serve on IACA Committees

Choose from a diverse selection of committees to serve, or run for an elected Board position (after one year of membership). To view information on IACA Committees, click here








The current IACA membership fee for individuals is $25.00 USD per year. Individuals applying from UN-designated Developing Countries and those affiliated with select organizations receive a discounted membership fee. Fees are automatically calculated by the country or affiliation selected on the membership application. Group membership fees vary by group size and are paid directly to the Agency, Chapter or Regional Association, not to the IACA.

  • Individuals: $25.00 USD per year
  • Individuals from UN-designated Developing Countries: $5.00 USD per year  (20% of the current fee)
  • Individual Affiliated - discounted fee for select organizations: $5.00-$15.00 USD per year
  • Groups and Associations - discount varies depending on size of group

Cancellation of Membership

If a member cancels their membership for any reason before their expiry date, the IACA will not provide a refund, pro-rated or otherwise.

Membership Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Membership Application

To apply for IACA membership, you will need to complete a membership application form.

Member Application