Webinars are 1-2 hour long sessions, usually held once a month, via our GoToWebinar account that can either be stand-alone topics or a series of topics that connect from one to the next. The sessions can be taken independently, but for a webinar series, the material builds on itself as the year goes on so we encourage people to take the whole series.

Each webinar costs $10 for IACA members, $20 for non-members. If a session is free, it will be noted in the description. All students who participate live will receive a Certificate of Attendance. All IACA members who register for a webinar will receive Continuing Education credits for that session, regardless if they attend live or receive the recording. 

Some (but not all) webinars are recorded and can be viewed by IACA members after 45 days have passed from the original air date.


Certification Series 2022

Language English
Difficulty Level / Intended Audience



The process of becoming a certified analyst can seem overwhelming.  Let us help you tame the beast that is the CLEA/LEAF exams. This year-long series serves as a study guide for the CLEA/LEAF exams, working through each of the 19 sections tested. The format includes a presentation of the material and a question-and-answer session for each topic. This course is intended as a supplement for the Essential Skills series and the recommended text. Expanding the number of certified analysts at all levels is a passion of the instructor and critical in demonstrating the strength of the profession (and making sure you get paid what you’re worth). Join for all sessions or target the areas that you want to review. Let IACA remove some of the mystery that is the exam for certification and help you work through the recommended texts for the exam.  We’re excited to have you!

All Certification Series webinars will be recorded; if you cannot attend the live session, we will provide the recording and a certificate as soon as possible to those who register (usually within 1-2 business days). Otherwise, the recordings will be posted to the webinar library after 45 days.

Sessions All sessions are held at 1000 Eastern time
  • December 8: Applied Crime Series Analysis and Overall Review

Previous sessions available in the webinar library for IACA members:

  • January 13: Crime Analysis Terms/Concepts and Intelligence Analysis/Charting
  • February 10: Law Enforcement Models and Analytical Data
  • March 10: Criminal Behavior and Organized Crime
  • April 14: Data Management and Internet Resources
  • May 12: Applied Research Methods and Qualitative Analysis
  • June 9: Descriptive Statistics
  • July 14: Advanced Statistical Concepts
  • August 11: Spreadsheet Operations
  • September 8: Temporal Analysis
  • October 13: Crime Mapping and Spatial Analysis/Forecasting (available around November 27)
  • November 3: Effective Analytical Writing and Analytical Products (available around December 18th) 

Análisis Criminal con Enfoque en la Prevención de la Criminalidad y Estructuras Multicrimen 



Nivel de dificultad / Audiencia prevista



GRATIS para todos los asistentes


Miércoles, 23 de noviembre de 2022 @ 0800-1200 (GMT-5)


  • Herramientas metodológicas del analista delictivo en el abordaje de la serialidad delictiva
  • Perfil geográfico mediante la utilización de IBIS como herramienta para la investigación de muertes violentas
  • Profesionalización de los analistas del crimen
  • Resultados y buenas prácticas del proyecto 10 cuyo objetivo unificar en coordinación con la PNC y la FGN, los conceptos y procedimientos de análisis en la investigación penal

How to Say "No"



Difficulty Level / Intended Audience



Thursday, February 9th, 2023 @ 1400 Eastern Time; 1 hour

What do you do when you hit a wall? What do you do when you have way too much on your plate? What can you do when you do not have time to complete everything in your queue/inbox? In this webinar we will discuss ways to manage your ever-growing task list by balancing your workload, potential obstacles you might face, and when and how you can say “No” to requests. 


Power Series 2023



Difficulty Level / Intended Audience



Microsoft Power Bi is a powerful application for data visualization and reporting that can handle millions of rows of data. Power Query is a data transformation and preparation engine that can help you clean and process data from any source, and then repeat those steps when you get updated data. The data can then be passed to other applications such as Microsoft Excel or Power BI.

This webinar series will walk you through using Power Query and Power BI using live demonstrations in the applications with open source crime data.

All Power Series webinars will be recorded; if you cannot attend the live session, we will provide the recording the next day. All registrants who are IACA members will receive Continuing Education Credits and you may request a certificate if you want one. For non-registrants, the recordings will be posted to the webinar library after 45 days.


All sessions are held at 1200 Eastern time

  • January 18th-Intro to Power Query
  • February 15th-Transforming data in Power Query
  • March 15th-Cleaning data in Power Query
  • April 19th-Combining data from multiple sources
  • May 17th-Intro to Power Query M Formula Language
  • June 21st-Intro to Power BI
  • July 19th-Simple Visualizations in Power BI
  • August 16th-Power BI Visualizations Cont'd
  • September 20th-Mapping in Power BI
  • October 18th-Temporal Analysis
  • November 15th-Modeling
  • December 20th-Introduction to the DAX

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