Chapter Associations

An IACA Chapter Association is a local group of IACA members who operate as an extension of IACA within a region or country and who shares the same mission as the IACA, with the purpose of providing Chapter members with training, development and networking opportunities. To start an IACA Chapter you must have been active within the IACA community for at least 12 months.

Running or being part of an IACA Chapter is an excellent way of increasing your participation in our global crime analysis community. If you are interested in starting your own Chapter Association please contact [email protected]. It takes a lot of commitment and hard work to set up and run a successful Chapter, but you will have the support of the Chapters Committee as well as the Board and many of the IACA committees. For any new Chapter, we require a minimum of 5 members from at least two different organizations within the same geographic region or country. You will create a Charter for your Chapter and will require a President and a Secretary. The President should be someone who has been active within the IACA community for at least 12 months. Chapters are governed by our IACA Bylaws and once a Chapter has been approved by the IACA Board, you will operate in accordance with the IACA Bylaws. You will be eligible for a stipend of $250 to help you with any start-up costs.

Networking is a key benefit of participating in a Chapter and as such it is recommended that Chapter members meet at least every 3 months. You will also be required to file an annual financial report to the Board for tax purposes and an annual activity report which will form part of the IACA's Annual Report.

To find out more or if you have any questions about starting your own Chapter Association please contact [email protected].

Chapter Associations - International

  • Chile Analysts Network

Key Differences between Chapters and Regional Associations

IACA Chapters vs. Regional Associations



Regional Associations

Member Location

Same geo region/country

Same geo region/country

# of Members

At least 5

4+ (though more recommended)

# of Organizations

At least 2


Org. Structure

President & Secretary

Executive Board: Pres., Vice Pres., Sec., Treas.

Governed by

IACA Bylaws

Regional Association's Bylaws



Dual (IACA & Regional) or Regional Only


Recommended quarterly

As deemed by bylaws (monthly, quarterly, etc.)

Tax Requirements

Annual report to IACA

As deemed by status (i.e. 501c6)