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About Crime Analysis

Learn about the profession and how analysts benefit criminal justice agencies. 

Analysis Unit Development Center

Information about how to establish and structure an analysis unit including sample SOPs and CALEA accreditation. Specific sections for hiring an analyst as well as evaluating performance. 

Analyst Mentoring Program (AMP)

Peer to peer support to achieve professional goals. Membership required to apply for the program. 


The FBI Violent Criminal Apprehension Program (ViCAP) provided a free repository for behavioral and investigative information related to solved and unsolved violent crimes including homicides, sexual assaults, missing persons and unidentified human remains.


An informational IACA Hub for exploring IACA and downloading GIS data.   


Websites, sample products and data, certificate programs, blogs and other resources. Member login required for some sections.


IACA Insights newsletter, books, brochures, white papers and other IACA publications. Member login required.