The IACA believes that a diverse, well-rounded, multifaceted analyst makes for the most productive staff member. While every agency has specific, unique and ever-changing analytical needs, we believe that every analyst should possess a full understanding of the different techniques and methods used throughout the field. The IACA also values the divergent ways in which analysts learn and gain experience necessary for their jobs. The IACA has designed a certification program based on a point system that acknowledges work experience, demonstrable knowledge, skills and abilities, academic work, on-the-job training, and contributions to advancing the profession.

The IACA Certification Program is a result of the desire to reach the following six goals:

  • To recognize the professional abilities and accomplishments of individual law enforcement analysts.
  • To promote and encourage professional development by individuals in the field of law enforcement analysis.
  • To provide the employers of law enforcement analysts a reliable measure of professional competence.
  • To provide employers of law enforcement analysts with a basis on which to establish position descriptions.
  • To promote the profession of law enforcement analysis to police chiefs, administrators and the entire criminal justice community.
  • To better define law enforcement analysis as a legitimate and unique career.

There are two Certification programs available:

Law Enforcement Analyst – Foundational (LEAF)

Certified Law Enforcement Analyst (CLEA)

To review frequently asked questions about these exams, visit Certification FAQ

For all inquiries relating to Certification, please email [email protected].