i2 Analyst Notebook Basic Certification

  • Anyone may take the test at any time. You are not required to watch the webinars in advance, but they are there to help you prepare.
  • There is no cost to take the test.
  • You DO need the actual i2 ANB software in order to complete the test, as several questions on the test require you to upload screenshots of your work. Screenshots from Excel or other software will not be accepted.
  • The test consists of multiple-choice and true/false questions plus several practical exercises.
  • You must achieve a score of 75 or better, out of 100 possible points, to pass.
  • If you pass, you will be awarded a certificate issued jointly by the IACA and Total Intelligence Group.
  • You may take the test again if you fail, but we will not tell you which questions you miss(ed).
  • You will receive an email either way (pass/fail), but it may be several weeks depending on the number of test submissions we receive.
The i2 Series of training webinars was originally presented in 2020 by Total Intelligence Group and all 12 classes were recorded.  The videos, each of which is roughly 1 hour long, can be viewed hereYou must be an IACA member to access the webinar library. Class resources are provided under the respective class.

Click here to start the test. You will need to download this spreadsheet in order to complete the test. 

  1. i2 Basics
    1. Recommended readings:
      1. Exploring Crime Analysis: Essential Skills – IACA
      2. Foundations of Crime Analysis – Walker & Drawve
      3. A Handbook for Intelligence & Crime Analysis – Cariens
  2. Chart Navigation & Card Creation
    1. i2 Series 2020-02 Practice Exercise
  3. Representations, Copying & Duplicating Entities, Using Boxes & Grouping
    1. i2 Series 2020-03 Practice Exercise
    2. i2 Series 2020-03 Practice Exercise-Legal Divorce Form
  4. Publishing & Printing Your Chart
  5. Timelines, Theme Lines & Event Frames
    1. Follow-up video created by the instructor to answer additional questions.
  6. Timelines, Theme Lines & Event Frames Continued
    1. i2 Series 2020-06 Timeline Import – YOUNG, Mary
  7. Importing Spreadsheets
    1. i2 Series 2020-07 Sample Spreadsheet
  8. Importing Spreadsheets Continued
  9. Conducting Searches & Analysis
    1. i2 Series 2020-09 Crime Stats
  10. Merging Charts & Identifying Duplicate Entities on Manually Created Charts
    1. i2 Series 2020-10 October 8
    2. i2 Series 2020-10 Nature
  11. Buzz Session Q&A
  12. Year in Review

Our thanks to Total Intelligence Group for sponsoring this series! You can learn more at their website: https://www.totalintelligencegroup.com/