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January-March 2024 session for online classes
Monday, January 01, 2024
Category: Training

There's still plenty of time to sign up for a class during the January-March class session! All 12-week classes are structured the same and cost $395 for members and $445 for non-members. Students should expect a time commitment of 3-5 hours per week, per class to gain a pass grade. All courses will be graded as a pass/fail. They are not self-paced; each class will advance as a group. Students can login anytime to work as needed. We will use a variety of ways to allow for student participation and interaction.

Classes start January 1st, however, you may register as late as January 8th. The session ends March 22nd, 2024.


  • Administrative & Strategic Analysis (English, Intermediate)
  • Advanced Analytical Methods for Microsoft Office (English, Intermediate)
  • Bridging the Gap - Everything Up to Day One (English, Beginner)
  • Crime Analysis for Small Jurisdictions (English, Beginner)
  • Crime Mapping I: GIS Fundamentals (English, Intermediate)
  • Criminal Investigative Analysis (English, Intermediate)
  • Exploring Crime Analysis: Essential Skills I (English, Beginner)
  • Exploring Crime Analysis: Essential Skills II (English, Beginner)
  • Fundamentals of Crime Analysis (English, Beginner)
  • Reducing Local Crime with Risk Terrain Modeling (English, Beginner)

IACA members who pass will earn 60 hours of Continuing Education Credits and can request a certificate of completion. Non-members who pass will earn a certificate of completion. To learn more about each class or to register, please visit: https://www.iaca.net/online-classes.

Contact: [email protected]