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Crime analysts winning 'chess game' against criminals in Surrey (Success Stories)

The analysts sift through the daily complaint files, crunch down the info and enter it into a database, then map things out, searching for common themes. If everything works out, voila! A trend is identified...

Knoxville Police Chief Praises Crime Analysis (Success Stories)

In this TV10 interview, Knoxville Chief Sterling Owen discusses crime decreases in the city of Knoxville and attributes some of their success to the crime analysis unit.

Troopers Use Science, Geography to Target Drunk Drivers (Success Stories)

…Analysts like Marcia Marsh chart each crash, then overlays that with other data such as where 911 calls come in reporting suspected drunks. Using that, enforcement strategies are plotted, so troopers can be in position around these hot spots to intercept drunk drivers, before they crash and kill...

Howard County Public Safety Officials Trim Money, Not Patrols (Success Stories)

…despite making cuts elsewhere in its spending plan, the department added a crime analyst to its force. Adding the analyst, McMahon said, is a money-saving move…

LAPD Tries to Predict Crimes Before They Occur (Success Stories)

The future of crime fighting begins with a story about strawberry Pop-Tarts, bad weather and Wal-Mart…

Henrico Woman Credited with Catching the Granddad Bandit (Success Stories)

WRIC TV 8 Video clip showcases the work of analyst Joyce Salmon.

New Police Program Identifies High-Risk Areas (Success Stories)

Kansas City police are deploying a new tool which could drastically change the way officers patrol neighborhoods…

Joe Friday Couldn’t Do This (Success Stories)

Burlington - It wasn’t too long ago that police departments around the country still used one of the oldest methods available to deter criminals from plying their trade: An officer walking a beat…

What Could Be: Futurists to Converge on Boston with Forecasts on Religion, Terror, and Medicine (Success Stories)

…Debra Piehl, a member of the World Future Society and the much smaller Police Futurists International, said she studies the future to anticipate technological advances by two groups: law enforcement and criminals…

Policing With An IT Edge - Interview with CBC (Success Stories)

The Saint John police force is pleased with the results of its Intelligence Led Policing, software that maps and potentially reduces criminal trends. Crime Analyst James Stewart speaks to CBC news reporter Sarah Trainor about it.

Crime Analyst Featured in Textbook (Success Stories)

While most people are familiar with patrol officers and police detectives, Mark Bridge's job is lesser known. "Most people who I tell that I am a crime analyst think it's CSI," he said…

Police Crime Analyst Uses New Programs (Success Stories)

…the department crime analyst now has new computer programs to pinpoint high-crime areas, which are immediately fed into a laptop in a patrol car. Officers can find on-screen warrant information, the Return Home Registry for missing persons, where active parolees live and up-to-date crime bulletins. "Previously, officers got all of their information in briefing," Sellers said. "But when it's on the computer, it's in their face."

GPD Crime Analyst, Student are Honored (Success Stories)

A crime analyst at the Gainesville Police Department was honored for her dedication to an international professional association….

New program Sparks Drop in Crime (Success Stories)

SAINT JOHN - Using the power of computers to look for trends in criminal activity has allowed the Saint John Police Force to achieve double-digit drops in car thefts and break and enters this year.

Police: Thefts from Unlocked Cars Spike (Success Stories)

NASHUA – Police are warning residents to lock their car doors after a third month of increased motor vehicle break-ins. Seventy-one mostly unlocked cars were rifled through and stolen from in November. That’s up from 46 break-ins in October and 37 in September, according to Dawn Reeby, Nashua Police Department’s crime analyst.

Marion Crime Analyst Solves 2 Alachua County Crimes (Success Stories)

A crime analyst working for the Marion County Sheriff’s Office is getting credit for matching up a suspect in several Citrus County commercial burglaries as the same man being sought in two Alachua County restaurant burglaries.

ATTACKing Auto Theft in Washington State: The Redmond Initiative (Success Stories)

…The impact of the ATTACK center and the Car Theft Initiative has been nothing short of remarkable. Car theft in King County has been in a steep decline since the beginning of 2007…

Stopping Crime in Gainesville, FL (Success Stories)

Gainesville Police Department’s Crime Analysis Unit works to eliminate crime in Gainesville.

GPD Systems Spot Crime Patterns (Success Stories)

…the new crime prevention programs, put into practice in January, allow analysts to put together "crime snapshots" each morning, letting officers in all three districts know if any crime patterns have surfaced during the past 24 hours. The analysts then send those alerts to the patrol officers via computer…

Predicting Crime Before It Happens (Success Stories)

GWINNETT COUNTY, Ga. -- The hit CBS show "Numbers" focuses on a mathematical genius who helps solve crimes. CBS 46's Rebekka Schramm visited one metro Atlanta police department that has some geniuses of its own. They use computer programs and their own smarts to help lock up criminals all around the city…



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