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GeoTime® Desktop for Law Enforcement (Software)

GeoTime is a powerful visual analysis and mapping software for law enforcement, used primarily for investigative cases involving call detail records, mobile forensic data, GPS, location-tracking data, and social media data. Play back your suspect’s actions, communications and key events before and after the crime.

GeoTime can analyze:
- Historical call records
- Real-time live pings
- Cellebrite and XRY mobile forensic extractions
- GPS and location-based services (such as emergency services, asset tracking for fleets)
- Financial services (such as retail branch complaints, credit analysis, fraud analysis)
- Users of geo-tagged EXIF images and KML features

GeoTime is currently used by law enforcement and public safety agencies around the world for criminal investigations, analysis, surveillance operations and courtroom presentation.

In North America, GeoTime has assisted HIDTA’s, fusion centers, and law enforcement on federal, state and municipal levels.

Case Closed Cloud™ (Software)

Case Closed Cloud™ is a leading cloud-based investigation case management platform for law enforcement, task forces, state bureaus and other investigative agencies. There is no software to install, no database to manage, no servers to manage. Point your browser to Case Closed Cloud, and start working on cases.

Features of Case Closed Cloud include CJIS-compliant case management, case actions, tasks, tips, leads, confidential informants, criminal intelligence, a robust gang database, advanced investigation analytics, link analysis, reporting capabilities, evidence management, collections, and much more.

Case Closed is owned and operated by Crime Technology Solutions, LLC, a proud, long-standing partner of IACA.

Sintelix (Software)

The Sintelix enterprise analytic platform thrives on unstructured data. Sintelix has been tailored to provide solutions for Law Enforcement, Intelligence and Cyber Security.

Sintelix offers unparalleled information extraction capabilities including: entity and relationship extraction at high accuracy in many languages. Vast quantities of unstructured data can be combined to create accurate entity networks linked to topic analyses and community structure decompositions.

Visualisations include: listings, tables, maps, link charts and timelines. Unlike other products, Sintelix simultaneously excels in analytical power, accuracy, speed, scalability, configurability and ability to integrate.

www.datawalk.com (Software)

DataWalk is a next-generation enterprise-class platform for revealing patterns, relationships, and anomalies for fraud detection, public safety (LEA), and intelligence operations. DataWalk is secure and requires minimal technical support thereby significantly decreasing operational and maintenance costs.

Using a modern, big-data technology stack, combined with a user-friendly visual interface, DataWalk eliminates the restrictions of data silos, allowing agencies to rapidly import and blend data from multiple sources. DataWalk provides a singular data view using intuitive visualizations including histograms, link diagrams, maps, and timelines. New displays, styles, interfaces, or plug-ins are easily accommodated.

DataWalk uses advanced analytics for faster intelligence-led decision making through secure workflows for accurate, complete, and consistent results. It’s a highly flexible system delivering agile and adaptive analytics where new data sources are quickly and easily integrated

Case Closed™ | Visallo™ Advanced Analytics (Software)

Produce more rigorous and defensible conclusions with software designed to help you discover, visualize, and understand complex relationships hidden in massive amounts of data. Long time IACA Sponsor Case Closed Software has teamed up with Visallo, an analyst-driven investigation software platform used to visualize, analyze, and fuse together the data sources you care about most. The solution is designed for agencies who want the power of Palantir Technologies®, without the massive costs and ongoing services drain.

The solution provides access to all of your investigation data in one system, allows you to manage cases in a single collaborative environment, and extracts valuable information from disparate data sources. The software is designed with built-in features such as link analysis, geospatial analysis, advanced path finding, charting, and multi-media search capabilities to query and access all your data in one place. Visit www.caseclosedsoftware.com/crimeanalysis

PROVE (Prediction of Repeat Offending and Victimization in the Environment) (Software)

Please read the full abstract regarding this research and free software tool on the NCJRS website here: (https://nij.gov/topics/law-enforcement/strategies/Pages/research-on-repeat-crime-risk-leads-to-software-tool-development.aspx).

Annotation: This web page profiles and provides free downloading access to the beta version of a software tool that enables law enforcement agencies to forecast the risk for particular types of crime by geographic location.

Abstract: The acronym for the software is PROVE (Prediction of Repeat Offending and Victimization in the Environment), The research team that developed PROVE partnered with Azavea, a Philadelphia-based company that creates civic geospatial software and data analytics for the web. The research team examined Philadelphia statistics for crimes that included homicide, rape, aggravated assault, robbery, burglary, and motor vehicle theft. Researchers also considered long-term and short-term risk and near-repeat crimes on a 2-week timeframe.

BCS - MARVLIS Forecast LE (Software)

MARVLIS Forecast LE is the latest evolution in the MARVLIS family of products.  Leveraging the power of ArcGIS Server, key information is distributed throughout the department using a series of portals, or dashboards, designed for any level user. Currently, MARVLIS Forecast LE consists of three finished modules; COMPSTAT, Admin Stats Dashboard, & Operations Monitor. Three more modules are in development; Patrol Client, Tactical, & Investigative.
The COMPSTAT module is designed to make departmental meetings easy.  Agency data is compiled and categorized for the previous 4 weeks into a simple interface, enabling anyone in the department to conduct scheduled or impromptu meetings.  Whether used for routine COMPSTAT-style meetings, Neighborhood Watch programs, or pre-shift assemblies, the COMPSTAT module of MARVLIS Forecast LE presents agency data in a clean, professional display for all audiences

It’s often a challenge to present large amounts of data in a format that can be easily understood.  The Admin Stats module of Forecast LE does just that.  Using a series of graphs linked with an intelligent map, this module gives departmental access to major agency data types and analysis in an intuitive display.  Part 1 and 2 crimes, field contacts, traffic, and calls for service information and statistics can be viewed by code, date range, jurisdictional boundary, shift, and more making it easy for officers and staff to get the intel they need without adding to your analyst workload.

The Operations Monitor module provides a real-time, tactical display of active 911 calls and AVL positions and statuses.  The intuitive interface presents a variety of metrics showing fleet load and distribution of activity by zone combined with real-time data such as traffic, weather warnings/radar, DOT information, and traffic camera access.  Leveraging your organizational GIS data in conjunction with Esri basemaps and a variety of real-time data feeds, Operations Monitor helps decision makers by integrating all these data into one holistic display. ​

Signal – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Social Media Monitoring (Software)

Signal is an OSINT platform developed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement, Corporate Security & Emergency Services – not your traditional marketing department.

Alongside monitoring traditional social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube you can drill down into blogs and forums critical to your operation.

Use in real time as a tactical tool to inform staff at the at the scene or query feeds historically to drive prevention at a strategic level.

SmartForce BulletinWizard (Software)

The First and Only Research-Based Bulletin Maker for Law Enforcement

Templates for Pattern Bulletins, Officer Safety Bulletins, and BOLO’s, Spatial Mapping, and How-To Video Tutorial

Preferred by Crime Analysts, Detectives, Patrol
Takes less time to create
Saves in PDF format
Securely created in the CJIS Compliant Microsoft Cloud


Create the right Bulletins every time in half the time!

IACA sponsor Crime Tech Solutions acquires Case Closed Software (Software)

Crime Tech Solutions, LLC, a proud sponsor of IACA, IACP, LEIU, and IALEIA, has acquired Case Closed Software. Crime Tech Solutions develops and markets comprehensive crime analysis software with powerful reporting capabilities, geospatial crime mapping software with predictive policing, a robust 28 CFR Part 23 compliant criminal intelligence database management software, and sophisticated link analysis software with social network analytics.

The addition of Case Closed Software further expands Crime Tech Solutions offerings with investigative case management software, gang intelligence software, mobile applications for law enforcement, and evidence management software. All of the solutions are designed and supported by former crime analysts and law enforcement officials.

Crime Tech Solutions is seen as the price/performance leader for crime analytics and investigation software. They return a portion of all software revenues to IACA. The company website is www.crimetechsolutions.com.

Adventos SmartForce(tm) (Software)

SmartForce™ is an Agency Management System that improves intelligence sharing, community collaboration and streamlines police processes.

CTS CrimeMap Pro (Software)

GST CrimeMap™ Pro from Crime Tech Solutions (CTS) is a comprehensive crime analysis system designed for specialized crime analysts to manage the incident database and conduct a variety of mapping and analytical tasks.
With full support for ESRI ArcMap, CrimeMap Pro has customizable search forms, ad hock reporting tools, spatial analytics, query builders, and database linkage.
Advanced crime analysis includes:
Cross-reference among incidents, subjects, Megan’s, parolee, and gang records.
Analysis of hotspots with various methodology, such as Grid Analysis, Intensity Analysis, Outer Boundary, and Analysis of Duplicate Locations.
Analysis of temporal patterns based on either Grid Analysis or Density Analysis.
Analysis of incident patterns with time series, based on year, month, or date.
Analysis of change in the spatial pattern of incidents over time and space.
Constructing spatial patterns of incidents with a connection based on a user-specified field.

CTS Sentinel Visualizer Link Analysis (Software)

Free 30 Day Trial! Empowering the demanding needs of intelligence analysts, law enforcement, investigators, researchers, and information workers, the Crime Tech Solutions (CTS) suite is the next generation data visualization and analysis solution for your big data. With cutting edge features and best-of-breed usability, our product provides you with insight into patterns and trends hidden in your data. Its database driven data visualization platform lets you quickly see multi-level links among entities and model different relationship types. Advanced drawing and redrawing features generate optimized views to highlight the most important entities.
Utilized by law enforcement, government, and commercial agencies around the world, Sentinel Visualizer from CTS is a powerful, cost effective alternative to i2 Analyst Notebook.
It expands the analytical environment by its integration with GIS and Microsoft tools widely used by analysts and investigators.

CTS IntelNexus Criminal Intelligence Database System (Software)

The IntelNexus system from Crime Tech Solutions, LLC is a 28 CFR Part 23 compliant criminal intelligence database system. It enables authorized users to create programs and reports pertaining to subjects, events, and organizations. With this intelligence software, authorized users may easily and effectively search and retrieve specific sets of information from the database to create new reports or edit existing ones.
intelligence database management system’s built-in security mechanism requires the approval of system administrators for any new or edited reports to be accepted into the database. The law enforcement database administrator may audit detailed end-user activities in retrieving information at any time. When a report file nears its required purging date, e-mail notifications are automatically generated to alert the designated personnel.
Files of any type can be attached to reports and stored securely in the database for quick retrieval, and mapping is fully supported!

WebCase (Software)

WebCase® was designed by experienced law enforcement professionals to help you collect Internet information in a usable, evidentiary, reportable manner. Built to manage the cases you initiate online, it was designed specifically to:

•Simplify the online evidence collection process.
•Aid the investigator to preserve online evidence.
•Provide for the proper collection of legally defensible evidence.
•Offer complete undercover identity and suspect information control.
•Provide reports in a usable and understandable format.

WebCase's unique process is actually patented by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office. WebCase was the first online investigations tool to comply with the standard digital evidence collections methodologies.

HunchLab (Software)

Vendor: Azavea Telephone: 215-925-2600 Description: HunchLab provides law enforcement agencies with easy-to-use tools for crime mapping and analysis delivered via the web browser. It is an ideal solution for local, state, and national law enforcement agencies as well as fusion centers. HunchLab provides capabilities that extend far beyond basic crime visualization tools. Through geographic data mining and risk forecasting, HunchLab provides actionable intelligence that agencies can use to more effectively deploy resources.

Key features:
- Crime Analysis: intelligence dashboard, clustered incident maps, trend identification and animation, temporal analysis
- Early Warning: statistical and threshold-based alerting
- Risk Forecasting: near repeat pattern analysis and incident load forecasting

PowerCase (Software)

Vendor: XANALYS Telephone: +44-161-9417792 Description: PowerCase is a software system that provides investigative agencies with a complete end-to-end platform for conducting large scale investigations. Using a standardised methodology that encourages a consistent and accountable approach to data collection, evidence review, and action management, PowerCase ensures that not only is every bit of data relevant to your case at your fingertips, but also guarantees your investigative process withstands the closest scrutiny.
From setting up an Incident and assigning staff to specific roles, through to building a brief of evidence of your completed case for presentation to court, PowerCase will manage all aspects of your team’s activities through the entire investigative life-cycle.

Palantir Government (Software)

Vendor: Palantir Technologies, Inc. Telephone: 650-815-0200 Description: Palantir Government is an intelligence and investigations platform. Palantir allows officers, investigators, and detectives to fuse multiple data sets, discover non-obvious links, conduct geographic searches, collaborate across agencies, and conduct case management using Palantir’s Workflow Application. Palantir Government is also an open platform, with open APIs and a flexible data model that allows you to integrate with existing software tools and import data in any format. The Palantir Platform is widely deployed across police departments and fusion centers across the United States, as well as within the US Intelligence and Defense Communities.

Link Explorer (Software)

Vendor: Xanalys Limited Telephone: +44 161 941 7792 Description: Link Explorer is a desktop software application that allows you to apply powerful query and analysis techniques to your data, presenting the answers in a range of visualisations such as link charts, time lines, maps and reports.

By modelling data as set of objects (people, places, events, etc.) and the associations that exist between them, Link Explorer provides clarity to complex data sets.

Connect directly to an existing database or use Link Explorer's import features to collate data from different sources. Link Explorer will allow you slice and dice your data, pulling interesting sets of results from one chart into another, or drilling into key objects to reveal associated information.

VAIL - Virtual Analyst Intelligence Logic (Software)

Vendor: Sentinel Software Group Telephone: 888-892-6096 Description: VAIL ( Virtual Analyst Intelligence Logic ) dramatically increase the productivity and efficiency of traditional crime analysis by automatically ‘crunching’ available source systems and identifying qualified leads or patterns that human analysts can then review, verify and take action against. The VAIL engine continually analyzes input sources using codified analytic best practices and delivers a more consistent and broader analysis of all available information than could be achieved using traditional analysis tools and techniques – and in real time. The system identifies patterns using all the available information in structured and unstructured narrative fields including people and their relationships, time and place, vehicles, narcotics, weapons, gangs and organizations, numbers or identifiers like phone numbers and most importantly descriptive modus-operandi or other personal traits.

Maptitude Mapping Software (Software)

Vendor: Caliper Corporation Telephone: 617-527-4700 Description: The Maptitude Geographic Information System (GIS) is a lower priced professional mapping software system that provides everything you need to realize the benefits of desktop mapping and spatial analysis within a single package.

Agnovi X-Fire (Software)

Vendor: Agnovi Corporation Telephone: 1-866-890-8265 Description: This powerful and easy to use electronic case management software is designed to assist investigators in managing files from initial incident to court disclosure.

The software features include: incident capture, case management, task management, disclosure management, access control, system and officer generated link analysis charts, timeline charting, volume reporting, hyper-linked and indexed case reports and more.

MapInfo Crime Profiler (Software)

Vendor: Pitney Bowes Business Insight Telephone: 1-800-327-8627 Description: MapInfo Crime Profiler™ is a highly specialized application, which provides a set of tools and mode of presentation designed specifically for the needs of crime analysts working within law enforcement agencies. It enables crime analysts to use sophisticated statistical manipulation techniques without having to enter complex queries, and reflects the typical workflow of a crime analyst.

MapInfo Crime Profiler™ removes the need for analysts to devote a substantial proportion of their efforts to time-consuming statistical manipulation, such as creating macros or pivot tables in SPSS or MS Excel. Instead, these tasks are automated through a dashboard interface. It allows the analyst to choose automated options including:

• Multiple real-time hotspotting options and kernel density visualization;
• Integrated 3D imagery including CCTV footage;
• User-specified temporal analysis (contrasting day/night or other time profiles);
• Automatic graphing and mapping creation, linking and updates; and
• Automated data, table and workspace utilities.

REX  (Software)

Vendor: Agnovi Corporation Telephone: 1-866-890-8265 Description: Easy to use software designed for entity tracking, gang tracking and storage of information and intelligence. It is designed to be able to permit the user to enter information and immediately identify linkages based on information in the database. This software also provides system generated link analysis charts or permits the user to generate their own charts.
This system generates numerous reports including entity reports and file reports. All the reports are in a searchable PDF format with the attachments automatically hyper-linked.

ATLAS.ti (Software)

Vendor: ATLAS.ti Scientific Software Development GmbH Telephone: +49 30 31 99 88 971 Description: ATLAS.ti helps you to uncover the complex phenomena hidden in your data. ATLAS.ti offers a powerful and intuitive work environment designed to keep your focus centered on your material.

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