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CRIMEMAP (Email List)

This group is the updated forum from the old Crime Mapping listserv. It reflects the changes and advancements in the field over the last 10 years to include visualization, statistical analysis and the respective geographic principles and theories.. Host Organization: Crime Mapping Research Center. Contact:

IACA Discussion List (Email List)

The IACA Discussion list is provided to IACA members as a forum to discuss IACA business, IACA projects, and current issues in crime analysis. Only current members of the International Association of Crime Analysts may subscribe.

Postings to the list, visible to everyone subscribed, should be sent to IACAList@iaca.net. Your posting will be delivered to the moderators for posting to all subscribers.

If you want to manage your subscription, send a message to IACAList-request@iaca.net with the word "help" in the subject or memo fields to get a set of instructions.

If you have questions or problems, write to IACAList-owner@iaca.net.


The IACA Discussion List is moderated, meaning one of a group of moderators must review and approve each postings. Postings that violate these guidelines will be rejected:

1. Messages should be related to the IACA, crime analysis, or law enforcement.

2. The IACA Discussion List is not secure, and not all subscribers are members of law enforcement agencies. Please do not share sensitive or confidential information over the list.

3. Instead of using the list for driver's license requests or "I need a contact in..." postings, use the online membership directory to find contacts in various jurisdictions. EVERYONE subscribed to the list is also in the membership directory.

4. Avoid sending postings that simply hyperlink to a web site or a news article. If the web site or the news article are somehow related to crime analysis, offer them to the list along with your insights or analysis.

5. Consider carefully before submitting a reply to the entire list. There are many instances when it’s more appropriate to send e-mail directly to the individual who posted.

6. Maintain respect for other list members and their inboxes. No insults, profanity, inane postings, flooding of mailboxes, nor anything that continually annoys the list subscribers.

7. The IACA Discussion List is a membership benefit. Please do not allow non-member analysts to get this benefit, without joining the IACA, by forwarding their messages. You may, however, forward messages from non-analysts (such as police executives) who would not otherwise be expected to join the IACA.

8. You may post messages about upcoming training (corporate, nonprofit, or otherwise) to the list, but please only ONE message for each training.

9. Corporate members may post ONE message about a product or service. Advertising messages should not exceed one per month per corporation.

10. Avoid "Thanks to all who responded" messages; instead, actually thank those who responded. An exception is if you are attaching a summary of the responses, or otherwise providing additional information, in the message.


Topics that generate a large number of postings may be moved, at the discretion of the moderators, to an online Discussion Forum instead of the list. If this happens, list subscribers will be notified by e-mail.

. Host Organization: International Association of Crime Analysts. Contact: If for some reason you were not subscribed automatically, write to listadmin@iaca.net to subscribe.

LEAnalyst (Email List)

The primary purpose of this list is to provide a place where Law Enforcement employees (sworn and non-sworn), Academia (Instructors and Students), and businesses providing products and/or services to Law enforcement can meet and exchange information, methods, and ideas regarding the analysis of crime. However, we do allow other Law Enforcement related postings in order to keep a free flow of questions and answers regarding all sorts of Law Enforcement problems.

To subscribe to LEANALYST mailing list on Google Groups you need to setup a GMAIL Account with any email address i.e. your work address, visit https://mail.google.com to sign up/create an account. If you need help go to Google help at http://mail.google.com/support/?ctx=about&hl=en. Host Organization: GoogleGroups. Contact: Sal Perri, List Administrator

Crime Analyst List (Texas) (Email List)

The Crime Analyst Email ListServ is an email based forum where only crime-related information is exchanged with agencies throughout the Dallas Fort Worth (Texas) area.. Host Organization: Irving Police Department. Contact: Terry Gierling (tegierling@cityofirving.org)
Karen Curry (kcurry@cityofirving.org)



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