Brevard County (FL) Sheriff's Office Analytical Support Specialist

The tasks below are those that represent the majority of the time spent working in this class. Management may assign additional related tasks as necessary.
•Prepares subpoenas for case related information and assists in preparing search warrants, affidavits and wire, data or oral intercepts.
•Assists agents in gathering intelligence on active cases, whether for pure intelligence or active criminal cases.
•Answer departmental telephones and provides the requested information or directs calls to the appropriate personnel.
•Prepares criminal background packages on subjects for sworn personnel conducting investigations. These include FCIC/NCIC histories, driver's license histories and photos, database searches, BULLET/LERMS history, gathering reports and arrest records.
•Prepares crime/officer safety bulletins and intelligence reports.
•Searches databases for intelligence on homeland security and other related fields; analyzes that data for pertinent links and associations.
•Searches Internet resources for information related to assignments.
•Searches the jail inmate recording system and makes copies of conversations for investigative purposes.
•Documents and researches information from citizens and law enforcement personnel on crimes related to area of assignment; enters that information into agency databases and analyze any links to other cases making notifications as appropriate.
•Assist any Brevard LEO's with intelligence requests of pertinent information.
•Provides organizational support for area of responsibility.
•Performs routine office tasks such as typing, filing, faxing, telephoning and copying.
•May be responsible for registering, fingerprinting, and photographing sexual predators and/or offenders; completing data entry for address verification and tracking and assists with the coordination of the verification process and community notifications.
•Regular, dependable and punctual attendance is an essential function of this job.

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