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What is Crime Analysis & What Can it do for My Agency?

Crime analysis is both a profession and a set of techniques. The professionals who perform crime analysis, and the techniques they use, are dedicated to helping a police department become more effective through better information. [Read More...]


What do Crime Analysts do?

Crime Analysts help police departments in five primary ways:

  1. Finding Series, Patterns, Trends, and Hot Spots as They Happen
  2. Researching and Analyzing Long-Term Problems
  3. Providing Information on Demand
  4. Developing and Linking Local Intelligence
  5. Making Your Department Look Good

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Is My Agency Too Small to Have a Crime Analyst?

Maybe. Your agency may be too small for a full-time analyst, however this does not mean that you should not have a crime analysis function at all. The key is to regard crime analysis as a set of techniques, rather than a full-time position. Few small agencies have full-time identification technicians or accident investigators, but almost all have someone trained in fingerprinting and accident reconstruction. [Read More...]


How Should Crime Analysis be Implemented?

The IACA recommends a methodical process for implementing crime analysis at your department. These guidelines will help you establish a strong crime analysis foundation from the start. [Read More...]

Meet an Analyst

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