Analyst Training

Training is crucial to the effectiveness of the CAU, whether the analysts are experienced or just starting out in the profession.  Well-trained analysts result in a more efficient and professional unit.Training teaches new analysts the tools and techniques of the profession.Experienced analysts benefit by renewing their knowledge of best practices and learning advanced techniques that make them more effective.

IACA Professional Training Series

The IACA has created a series of affordable training classes designed to give the working analyst knowledge of some of the most valuable applications, techniques, and criminal theories useful to a crime analyst.  IACA TrainingEach of the Professional Training Series instructors are experienced analysts with proven ability in presentation and instruction.  Information on the IACA training series can be found on the Professional Training Series page.

IACA Certification

To develop highly skilled and professional analysts, the IACA has created a certification program that produces Certified Law Enforcement Analysts (CLEA).  Professional development not only benefits the analyst but also the analysis profession by demonstrating an established level of knowledge and skills held by a CLEA.  More information on IACA certification can be found on the Certification page.

Other Training Providers

In addition to the Professional Training Series offered by the IACA, the following companies and agencies provide training designed for crime and intelligence analysts.  Follow the link to the company or agency website for specific information on courses offerings. The IACA provides this list for information purposes only and has not evaluated the training offered by these entities.

Other Training Resources

You may also research training classes offered by the entities below as they often offer free or low-cost training.

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