Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Standard Operating Procedures provide the framework for the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU) and how its members interact with the rest of the department and outside agencies. They give personnel in other units an overview of how the CAU operates and the type of work analysts are expected to perform for the organization. They set forth the crime analysis mission and function, and establish procedures for the work analysts perform in the organization.

SOPs presented in this section are actual department documents, posted here with the permission of the agency. They are intended to help an organization starting a CAU understand the type of information that belongs in a Standard Operating Procedure.

Standard Operating Procedure Examples

Baton Rouge (LA) Police Department (population 413,000)

Parker (CO) Police Department (population 43,767)

Virginia Beach (VA) Police Department (population 433,746)

Glendale (AZ) Police Department (population 250,173)

Cornelius (NC) Police Department (population 24,060)

Redmond (WA) Police Department (population 49,695)

Nashua (NH) Police Department (population 87,735)

Knoxville (TN) Police Department (population 183,546)

Arlington (TX) Police Department (population 380,000)

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