Sample Work Request Forms

Agencies need a process for personnel to request work products from the Crime Analysis Unit (CAU). The process can be as informal as an officer contacting a Crime Analyst at her desk or as formal as requiring the requestor to fill out a work request form and turn it in to the CAU supervisor. The supervisor will then filter the request to the proper analyst. A work request form can be a paper form that is filled out by the requestor or one that is completed online via the department’s intranet website.

Work request forms provide the benefit of allowing the unit to track workload for resource allocation and future staffing. They help agency personnel understand the types of work the unit can perform as well as what kind of information the CAU needs to fulfill the request. They provide a consistent framework for the work request process.

The work request form samples provided are examples of what agencies are using. They can be used to help an organization starting a CAU get an idea of the type of information to include in their own work request form.

Internal Work Request Forms

External Work Request Forms

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Sample Work Request Forms