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Meet Trina!

Title: Police Information Analyst
Agency: Tukwila (WA) Police Department
Years of Experience as an Analyst: 10
Hometown: Seatac, WA

Tell us what path led you to your position

After graduating college, I looked for civilian jobs in law enforcement. A local police department hired me as a records specialist, which I thought was a great foot-in-the-door job for law enforcement generally. My experience in records helped me understand how a police department works and the importance of accurate data. I became aware of crime analysis about a year later and thought it sounded like a great job! After six years at that PD, I was hired as an analyst.

What do you like about being a crime analyst?

This job allows me to use my technical skills and combine them with a general curiosity and good memory to analyze and draw conclusions about crime, criminals, and police activity. I enjoy networking with other analysts in the area, which is really helpful in tracking down criminals or checking on trends that cross jurisdictional boundaries. Plus, the law enforcement work environment is very fun!

What is unique about your role?

My agency named this position “Police Information Analyst” to include more than tactical crime analysis and intel work. I do a lot of administrative and strategic analysis, and also research individual calls or cases for the administration as needed. I enjoy the variety of work, and have the flexibility to focus on one area when needed.

What rewarding projects have you worked on as a crime analyst?

We had a bunch of car prowls at our local hotels. In addition to providing pertinent data to the detectives, I was able to take part in the emphasis they scheduled. We spent hours watching parking lots from hotel rooms, and I really enjoyed being part of the process and seeing how my data can be put into action.


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