Standards, Methods and Technology Committee

The IACA's Standards, Methods and Technology Committee was convened in 2010 to define and promote consistency within these essential areas of crime analysis.


Professional standards include crime analysis duties, roles, goals, terminology, education, skills, knowledge, and abilities.


Analytical methodologies include statistics, mapping, techniques to analyze patterns, trends, and problems.


Technologies include records management and CAD systems, geographic information systems, crime analysis software, database software, link analysis, software, and minimum standards for computer hardware.

The SMT Mission

  1. Define, on behalf of the IACA, the professional standards and definitions of analytical methodologies, technologies, and core concepts relevant to the profession of crime analysis
  2. Identify subject matter experts (SMEs) within the IACA membership and use their knowledge in furthering the mission of the committee and the IACA.
  3. Provide end products and documentation that enhance the IACA’s professional stance in the community of law enforcement, and that elevate the image and professionalism of the association.

White Papers

The SMT committee publishes its findings in White Papers which are publically-available in the Publications area of the IACA website and are listed below:

Furthering the Mission of the SMT Committee

If you would like to help contribute to the Standards, Methods and Technology Committee, please contact the committee.

Committee Members


Jason Elder

Subcommittee Chairs

Jessica LeBlanc, Fairfax County Police Department (VA) - Standards

Becky Paynich, Curry College (MA) - Methods

Matt Harris, Sonoma County Sheriff's Office (CA) - Technology


Rachel Boba-Santos, Florida Atlantic University (FL)

Chrisopher W Bruce, DDACTS

John Ng, Saskatoon Police Service (SK)

Travis Taniguchi, Redlands Police Department (CA)

Todd Wiles, Cleveland Police Department (OH)

Board Liason or Affiliates

Carolyn Cassidy, Div of Criminal Justic Services (NY) - Board Liason

Dan Polans, Milwaukee Police Department (WI) - Whitepapers editor