2017 Conference - Call for Presentations

Please thoroughly read the instructions below. Before you begin entering information, it is recommended that you scan the submission form in its entirety to see what information you will need to complete and submit the form.

All submissions must be received by Friday, March 24,2017 at 23:59 EDT. Only proposals that meet this deadline will be accepted.

What you will need at-a-glance

  • Primary presenter bio (max 250 words)
  • Short presentation abstract (max 250 words)
  • Full abstract (max 500 words)
  • headshot photo in jpg or png, 200px x 200px square

Instructions and Information

  1. Please have all the information ready before you complete and submit this form. If you leave this page up too long it will time out and you will lose what you've entered.
  2. DO NOT submit a presentation under anyone's name other than the person who will be presenting.
  3. Complete all sections of this submission form. Items in bold are required fields. You will not be able to submit the presentation for consideration if they are not completed.
  4. Sessions are selected based on the abstract submitted and the speaker's background and work experience. Because of these criteria and the limited number of speaking slots available, if a speaker can no longer present at the conference, the replacement speaker's credentials will be reviewed by the conference committee as if it were a new submission. Do not submit a presentation if you will be unable to attend the conference.
  5. If you plan to present your session with a vendor or discuss a specific software solution, the primary speaker must be employed by law enforcement, public safety or other criminal justice entity that is not paid by or compensated by the vendor.
  6. If chosen to speak at the 2017 IACA/NIJ Training Conference, the primary presenter only will receive the following benefits:
    1. 2017 conference fee waiver and one night's stay at the hotel (for each session taught).
    2. These benefits are not transferable or negotiable. Secondary presenters must register if they plan to attend conference sessions; secondary presenters will not receive compensation for registration or hotel.
  7. The conference committee reserves the right to cancel presenters at any time if they do not respond to communications from the committee.
  8. If you would like to submit more than one presentation for consideration, you must submit a separate submission form for each presentation.
  9. Presentations should be 1 hour and 15 minutes in length. Presentations can include materials presented in a computer lab or as a lecture. Presenters MUST provide their own laptop if chosen to present.
  10. Once you submit your presentation, you will receive an email confirmation receipt. You will receive an email notification the week of April 21, 2017 with a decision regarding your presentation. You will also receive your conference registration confirmation via email. Please make certain the information you enter below is correct, and thoroughly read all emails you receive from the IACA.
  11. The conference committee reserves the right to edit presentation titles, bios and abstracts for clarity and space considerations.
  12. It is very important that you enter complete and accurate information below. You will not have the ability to make changes to the information once it is submitted.

Presenter Information

First Name:
Last Name:
Job Title:
Postal Code:
Re-enter Email:
Presenter Bio - Please provide a brief biographical profile of the presenter below, limited to 250 words. Resumes will not be accepted.

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Secondary Presenter Information (If Applicable)

Job Title:

Presentation Information

Presentation Rating:
Rating - Please rate your presentation using the following ratings. This will help us schedule your session if it is selected.
  • Beginner – Information is presented at an introductory level and will be important to understanding presentations at the intermediate level.
  • Intermediate – Participants must have achieved a basic understanding of crime analysis in order to understand concepts/techniques discussed.
  • Advanced – Geared toward individuals with extensive crime analysis experience or who are managers of a crime analysis unit.
  • General Audience – Presentation would appeal to an audience with a wide variety of skill levels.
Short Abstract - Please provide a short summary of your presentation below, limited to 250 words, to provide to conference attendees in the conference program.

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Full Abstract - The abstract should be a synopsis of your presentation. The abstract is displayed on the IACA website and in the conference mobile app. Please limit your abstract to 500 words.

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Presenter Photo - Please provide a clear, professional head shot image for use in the conference program and mobile app.

Please make sure your image is in jpg or png format, is 200px by 200px square and is less than 1 Mb in size. This size and format restriction helps our volunteers easily import presenter photos into the conference app and program.

Tip: You can use free online tools such as fotor to easily crop an image square and resize it to 200px square..

All submissions must be received by Friday, March 24,2017 at 23:59 EDT
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