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ULEAA - Utah Law Enforcement Analyst Association (Regional Association)

Courtney Alcock at courtney.martin@wvc-ut.gov

VCAN - Virginia Crime Analysis Network (Regional Association)


NORCAN - Northwest Regional Crime Analyst Network  (Regional Association)

Joe Ryan at jryan@auburnwa.gov

MARCAN - Mid-America Regional Crime Analysis Network (Regional Association)

Kyle Stoker at Stokerk@raytownpolice.org

MACA - Massachusetts Association of Crime Analysts (Regional Association)


MACIA - Minnesota Association of Criminal Intelligence Analysts (Regional Association)

Douglas Hicks (President) at doug.hicks@ci.minneapolis.mn.us or Angela Backer (Treasurer) at abacker@CI.ROBBINSDALE.MN.US.

Internat'l Assoc of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts - Golden West (Regional Association)

Jocelyn Kircher at Jocelyn.kircher@sd-lecc.org

BACIAA - Bay Area Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (Regional Association)


Internat'l Assoc of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts - Mercyhurst College (Regional Association)

David Grabelski at dgrabelski@mercyhurst.edu

IECIAA - Inland Empire Crime and Intelligence Analysts (Regional Association)

Rhonda Maher at rmaher@sbcsd.org

NVCIAA - Nothern Valley Crime and Intelligence Analysts Association (Regional Association)


Criminal Analyst/Office of Special Narcotics Prosecutor/80 Centre St. New York, NY 10013 (Job)

NYC Criminal Justice agency seeks criminal analyst. Duties include aiding in the identification of the subjects of investigations through research, and performing required follow-up investigative tasks such as analyses of a subject's background, phone records and bank records. The analyst's work will support narcotics, violent gang, money laundering, and prescription drug diversion cases, with an emphasis on prescription drug data analysis. The analyst is tasked with acquiring and analyzing the relevant information gathered within investigations and briefing prosecutors and law enforcement teams on investigative and analytical findings; briefings may be written or oral. The analyst must be able to testify in court regarding analyses performed during investigations.

Crime Analyst (QUA) JON 1164 (Quantico, VA) (Job)

1. Must be a U. S. citizen.
2. Must successfully pass initial drug screening and periodic follow-up testing.
3. Must possess or be able to obtain, if necessary, a “secret” security clearance.
4. Must successfully complete a National Agency Check with Written Inquiries (NACI).
5. Must successfully complete an HSSI background check.
6. Must possess a valid driver’s license.
7. Must possess a minimum of a 4-year degree or equivalent work related experience.
8. At least 3 years law enforcement experience (military or civilian); 2 years’ experience in a related management discipline desired.
9. Specific criminal intelligence analyst training from an accredited organization such as the International Association of Law Enforcement Intelligence Analysts (IALEIA) or Anacapa Services Inc. may substitute for up to one year of experience or education. Other combinations of experience and education that meet the minimum requirements may be substituted.

Training for Effective Testimony (Website)

This website acts as an introduction to specialized training for law enforcement officials and expert witnesses, including Crime Analysts, on how to testify effectively in court.

Lawyers train hard in order to be able to deconstruct a witness and compromise or lessen the impact of his or her evidence in order to create doubt or lessen its impact. No one should appear in court as a witness without being equally prepared for that with experience and knowledge on how to deal with opposing counsel's strategies and tactics.

The instructors have extensive and comprehensive experience in litigation both at the Bar and from the perspective of the Bench. Additionally, both are effective adult educators.

Look at program, people who helped crack highway shooter case (News)

Kansas City, Missouri PD discusses how integrating crime and intelligence analysts into their LERC center helped gain a "global view of the crime."

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton's war on highway graffiti: It's personal (Article)

NYPD Commissioner Bratton uses "GraffitiStat" meetings to take a closer look at Graffiti problems on the Long Island Expressway. GraffitiStat is "modeled after the NYPD's CompStat crime analysis system."

After several high-profile incidents, what can be done to tamp down violent crime in Columbia (Article)

Article on Colombia Missouri's growth and subsequent changes in crime. Analyst Jerry East discusses the impact drugs and gangs have had on violent crime.

Warmer Weather Brings Opportunities for Crime (News)

Frederick PD (Frederick, MD) discusses crime spikes seen by month and season.

KCb (News)

Kansas City Missouri's PD discusses the changes they have made to combat violent crimes including their NoVa project and creating a real-time crime center with intelligence analysis.

Analysts help Madison police find patterns in crime (News)

As UW-Madison students packed up to go home for winter break in December, the crime analysts at the Madison Police Department’s Downtown offices knew what was coming next: A wave of burglary reports as students returned to campus in January, finding their apartments broken into and valuables stolen.

IACA member Annie Thompson makes the most of her volunteer time (News)

Annie Gainous Thompson leads a busy, full life.

The Tallahassee native is a respected crime analyst with the Tallahassee Police Department, but her work and service to the community extends far beyond law enforcement.

Thompson is a teacher, choir singer, baker, sewer and designer who credits her ability to fit in a busy schedule to her attention to time management.

Bank robbery suspect arrested thanks to detective's hunch and crime analyst's work (Article)

Madison PD's crime analyst successfully predicts a Bank Robber's next target based on the suspect's previous crimes.

Kenora OPP looking to predict crime (Article)

The OPP in Kenora are hoping to address crime before it happens through crime analysis.

When Addicts Come Calling: Police Tackle A Spate Of Opiate-Fueled Burglaries (Article)

Discussion of heroin-related crimes, specifically burglaries, being felt throughout all levels of a community.

OC Transpro will use crime data to better deploy security personnel (Article)

OC Transpro is compiling two years of incident reports along with information on any new incidents in an effort to identify trends in criminal activity.

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