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Crime Analyst (Denver, CO) (Job)

The Denver Police Department is currently seeking a Crime Analyst to perform a variety of functions such as collecting and analyzing law enforcement data and disseminating crime information. The analyst will develop forecasts and predictive analysis on crime trends and series. The analyst will provide investigative support, conduct link analysis, and create charts, crime bulletins, and additional investigative diagrams. This analyst position will be imbedded in a District substation. This tactical analyst position performs analysis of law enforcement data in order to describe crime trends, identify crime series and patterns, forecast trends, develop and prioritize problem areas, top offenders and crime projects and recommend strategies for special operations teams to target and take down offenders or conquer problem areas.

Crime Technology Analyst, Onondaga Crime Analysis Center, Syracuse, NY (Job)

The Finn Institute is currently seeking to fill a full-time crime technology analyst position. The analyst will work on-site in the Onondaga Crime Analysis Center in Syracuse, NY. The Center is staffed with a team of crime analysts and sworn law enforcement members who support area law enforcement agencies in their efforts to track and reduce Part I Crime. Please visit http://finninstitute.org/careers/ for further information.

Crime Analyst - 3 positions (Albany, NY) (Job)

The Finn Institute is currently seeking to fill three (3) full-time crime analyst positions. The analysts will work on-site in the Albany Crime Analysis Center in Albany, NY. The Center is staffed with a team of crime analysts and sworn law enforcement members who support area law enforcement agencies in their efforts to track and reduce Part I Crime. Please visit http://finninstitute.org/careers/ for further information.

Crime Analyst - Bedford (TX) Police Department (Job)

Position: Crime Analyst
Department: Police
Employee Category: Full-Time
Hourly Salary: $18.41
Work Schedule: Monday – Friday from 7:00AM – 4:00PM
To Apply: Applications available to fill out and print online click here or go to our
website www.bedfordtx.gov/hr. Please deliver or mail to Bedford
Police Department: Recruiting – 2121 L. Don Dodson Drive.
JOB SUMMARY: Organizes, analyzes and summarizes recent criminal and/or
statistical information from various sources into a clear, concise
written format. Disseminates criminal information to appropriate
police personnel to assist in the prevention and detection of criminal
activity. Provides statistical information, (including mapping), to
Patrol on crime patterns and trends for deployment purposes.

Deputy Director - Bureau of Technical Services (San Jose, CA) (Job)

The San Jose Police Department is currently seeking a Deputy Director for the Bureau of Technical Services. The Bureau of Technical Services is comprised of three divisions and 276 authorized employees. The Deputy Director must be an exceptional and seasoned technology professional that can lead a dynamic and forward-thinking organization. A Bachelor’s degree in Management Information Systems, Computer Science, Business or Public Administration, or a closely related field is required, as well as six years of senior level IT management experience and/or analytic work in a public or private agency. Experience in a law enforcement, nonprofit, public sector, or corporate environment working with a governing board and in a union environment is highly desirable. A Master’s degree is desirable. The salary for a Deputy Director ranges up to $168,861. If interested, please apply online at www.bobmurrayassoc.com. For questions, contact Valerie Phillips at (916) 784-9080. Closing date: 12/9/16.

Assistant Professor of Intelligence Studies (Erie, PA) (Job)

Hi all!

After 45 years in law enforcement, I have decided to retire effective May 2017. I have had a great 12 years teaching at the Mercyhurst University’s Ridge School of Intelligence Studies.

We are now looking for a replacement to teach law enforcement crime intelligence. I strongly encourage you all to consider applying. If not please forward to others who may be interested.

The official announcement and details can be reviewed at http://www.ridgecollege.org/ specifically http://www.ridgecollege.org/employment.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information. My plans include Kitty & I moving to the Tucson AZ area and enjoying a lot of leisure & travel time in the sunshine.

Dave “Ski” Grabelski

LexisNexis Crime Analyst (Petaluma, CA) (Job)

This position exists to provide Crime Analysis services to a customer of LexisNexis to include tactical, strategic, administrative, and operational analysis of their data to provide decision makers in the agency with the actionable intelligence they need. Additionally, this position will serve as a subject matter expert on LexisNexis products that are in use at the customer site by providing training and guidance on how to utilize them effectively. In addition, this role may create, maintain and enhance product design and related documentation and to effectively communicate with internal and external customers, management and LexisNexis functional areas by presenting problem resolution, product information and status reports in a professional manner.

Police Analyst-St. Louis County Police Department (Job)

This position performs a wide variety of duties involved with analytical studies on criminal and administrative patterns. Additionally, the position will work on projects and programs relating to crime pattern detection, suspect-crime correlation, suspect data, crime forecasting, crime mapping, and resource deployment. Finally, the position provides tactical support to Commanders within the Department.

Investigation Analyst IV - Citi Security and Investigative Services (Tampa, FL) (Job)

Please note, the link to the job posting appears to not work. However, if you search for Investigation Analyst through the site, you'll find the posting.

Position Objective:
The Investigation Analyst position is a front-line function within CSIS Investigations to manage the incoming volume of case referrals from both internal business units and external law enforcement entities. The Analyst will be responsible for reviewing incoming referrals and making the determination whether the case can be worked based on established threshold and scope objectives. The Analyst position is in effect a triage or filter within CSIS, efficiently working investigations “in-house” when warranted and freeing up other Investigators for more complex, sensitive investigations.

Key Responsibilities:
• Analysis of fraud referrals triaged by Investigative Analyst I/II in combination with historical investigative information from various Citi businesses; identifying, building, linking and escalating cases to CSIS Investigations Management for review and/or assignment
• Provide tactical analysis to client businesses and CSIS investigative units

Signal – Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) & Social Media Monitoring (Software)

Signal is an OSINT platform developed to meet the needs of Law Enforcement, Corporate Security & Emergency Services – not your traditional marketing department.

Alongside monitoring traditional social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube you can drill down into blogs and forums critical to your operation.

Use in real time as a tactical tool to inform staff at the at the scene or query feeds historically to drive prevention at a strategic level.

SmartForce BulletinWizard (Software)

The First and Only Research-Based Bulletin Maker for Law Enforcement

Templates for Pattern Bulletins, Officer Safety Bulletins, and BOLO’s, Spatial Mapping, and How-To Video Tutorial

Preferred by Crime Analysts, Detectives, Patrol
Takes less time to create
Saves in PDF format
Securely created in the CJIS Compliant Microsoft Cloud


Create the right Bulletins every time in half the time!

Visiting Assistant Professor/Instructor Employment Opportunity (Erie, PA) (Job)

Ridge College of Intelligence Studies & Applied Science
Mercyhurst University, Erie, PA
Law Enforcement Crime Intelligence Analysis
Applications at the visiting instructor level shall possess a graduate degree (M.S., M.B.A, M.A., etc.), extensive practitioner experience, and the ability to manage applied analytic projects. At the visiting assistant professor level, applicants should possess a Ph.D., or other terminal degree, and/or significant experience.

Successful candidates will teach introductory and applied courses in criminal intelligence analysis at undergraduate and grad level, in addition to teaching at least one of the following
• Structured crime intelligence analysis methodologies
• Anti-money laundering analysis for financial institutions

For information, contact IACA member and conference attendee Dave Grabelski at Dgrabelski@mercyhurst.edu. Cell 814-248-9622
The above is information only of a pending formal employment notice.

GangBuster™ Gang Intelligence Database (Software)

GangBuster™ is a low price / high performance gang intelligence database system designed by former law enforcement officers.

GangBuster™ is a multi-agency gang tracking software database. The solution is developed by the people at www.caseclosedsoftware.com and www.crimetechsolutions.com. GangBuster is a comprehensive gang intelligence database for tracking such data as:

Gang Types
Gang Identifiers
Gang Qualifiers/Qualifications
Gang Activity

GangBuster includes an approval process, a purging process and a regular review of the data so that it is current. The software includes an interface to link analysis software and other systems including crime analytics, criminal intelligence systems, and our Case Closed™ investigative case management software for law enforcement.

Crime Analyst in Danville, Va (Job)

The purpose of this position is to perform skilled administrative and technical duties to provide analysis and data evaluation to the Danville Police Department for the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of police operations and informed decision making. This is accomplished by developing statistical data resources to assist in criminal investigations, identifying crime trends and patterns, and informing resource deployment. Responding to requests for data analysis and information initiating from department command staff. Querying and analyzing the Department Records Management System (SunGard OSSI OneSolution RMS) data. Preparing a wide variety of reports to include crime and patrol bulletins, research reports, department annual report, and informational reports for communities, media, and other governmental entities. Applying knowledge of criminal activities and law enforcement techniques in overall analysis for compiling data-driven approaches to law enforcement activities. Using computer databases and software to extract, analyze, and present data to include GIS tools, Crystal Reports, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, and so on. Other duties include reading, studying, and staying abreast of current and emerging trends and issues in policing and crime analysis. Constructing, preparing, and presenting reports, summaries, charts, graphs, table, and other materials for the purpose of informing the department, City, other agencies, media, and citizens of crime trends and analysis. Making appropriate recommendations for improvements in department crime analysis program and guiding personnel in making the most effective use of its products.

Crime Tech Weekly (Website)

Crime Tech Weekly provides an array of news and insights related to crime analysis and investigations. From our weekly "5 craziest crimes' segment to our in-depth look at complex policing and technology strategies, Crime Tech Weekly is a free resource provided by IACA sponsor Crime Tech Solutions, a provider of crime analytics software with geospatial mapping, sophisticated link analysis, investigative case management software, gang intelligence systems, law enforcement mobile applications, and 28 CFR Part 23 criminal intelligence software.
Crime Tech Weekly can be found at www.crimetechsolutions.com/blog

Crime Tech Solutions' Case Closed™ Software (Software)

Crime Tech Solutions at www.crimetechsolutions.com develops and markets the price/performance leading Case Closed investigative case management software. Developed by former law enforcement officials, Crime Tech Solutions' Case Closed™ software is the industry's most robust law enforcement software, at the most affordable price possible. Full details are available at www.crimetechsolutions.com/caseclosed.

Crime Tech Solutions also markets price/performance leading link analysis software with a 15 day free trial, sophisticated gang intelligence software, 28 CFR Part 23 compliant criminal intelligence software, mobile applications for case management, and advanced crime analysis software with geospatial crime mapping.

A portion of all Crime Tech Solutions software revenue is returned directly to IACA, IACP, and IALEIA through ongoing sponsorship. For more information, visit www.crimetechsolutions.com. For details, visit Crime Tech Solutions at www.crimetechsolutions.com/about_us

Wynyard Investigations Case Management (Software)

Investigations teams are under increasing pressure to deliver results rapidly, but they face significant challenges, including fewer resources than ever. Wynyard Investigations Case Management (ICM) is the most comprehensive and flexible out-of-the-box solution for managing cases and investigations, and lets you collect, collate and evaluate all your case data in one place. Developed in partnership with leading police forces, ICM is used to manage a wide range of case types, from organized crime to human trafficking to homicides to corruption cases to managing confidential informants, and many more. It helps investigations teams build, manage and close cases more efficiently and effectively. It can be deployed rapidly, shaped to meet your organization's specific needs and provides high security. For more information, go to www.wynyardgroup.com. Request a demo or an introductory meeting.

Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics (Software)

Wynyard Advanced Crime Analytics gives frontline investigators and analysts the power to quickly analyze large volumes of data to discover key insights needed to solve crimes, stop threats, identify suspects and build cases. Critical information that can drive investigations is often hidden, but Advanced Crime Analytics uses link analysis, visualization and detection to quickly reveal what's important, and find intelligence that would otherwise be missed. It is easy to use and fast to deploy, so agencies do not need to have a team of embedded IT support specialists on hand to keep it running. Another key advantage is its ability to analyze unstructured data --- so social media posts, text messages, arrest reports, intelligence reports, and all types of text can now be analyzed and linked to other entities. Learn more at www.wynyardgroup.com. Request a demonstration or introductory meeting. We may be able to assist with grant applications as well.

IACA sponsor Crime Tech Solutions acquires Case Closed Software (Software)

Crime Tech Solutions, LLC, a proud sponsor of IACA, IACP, LEIU, and IALEIA, has acquired Case Closed Software. Crime Tech Solutions develops and markets comprehensive crime analysis software with powerful reporting capabilities, geospatial crime mapping software with predictive policing, a robust 28 CFR Part 23 compliant criminal intelligence database management software, and sophisticated link analysis software with social network analytics.

The addition of Case Closed Software further expands Crime Tech Solutions offerings with investigative case management software, gang intelligence software, mobile applications for law enforcement, and evidence management software. All of the solutions are designed and supported by former crime analysts and law enforcement officials.

Crime Tech Solutions is seen as the price/performance leader for crime analytics and investigation software. They return a portion of all software revenues to IACA. The company website is www.crimetechsolutions.com.

The spatial distribution of smoking violations on a non-smoking campus: Implications for prevention (Article)

Objective: The present study extends research on campus smoking bans by examining where smokers are violating the policy at a large university in the southeastern region of the United States. Participants: The data collection was conducted by one graduate student from the university in August of 2014. Methods: A global positioning system device was used to collect the geo-coordinates of littered cigarette butts as a proxy measure for smoking violations. Results: A hot spot analysis found a number of spatial concentrations on campus, largely around classroom and administrative buildings along with parking lots and garages. Conclusions: The implications of such findings can direct enforcement to target these areas in order to reduce offenses and fulfill the initial goals of policy-makers and university administrators who support smoke-free campuses.

Crime Tech Solutions (Software)

Crime Tech Solutions suite of crime analysis software includes advanced link & social network analysis, advanced crime analytics with mapping, and 28 CFR Part 23 compliant intelligence database management solutions. The company provides its customers with an array of proven, off-the-shelf technology solutions for the comprehensive investigation and analysis of criminal or fraudulent activity.
The solutions are designed to integrate to an agency's existing CAD/RMS systems, etc., and include powerful predictive policing, best-in-class GIS crime mapping for ESRI, advanced crime analysis software, multi-database link analysis, and intelligence led policing technologies.

Adventos SmartForce(tm) (Software)

SmartForce™ is an Agency Management System that improves intelligence sharing, community collaboration and streamlines police processes.

Crime Technology Analyst, Onondaga Crime Analysis Center, Syracuse, NY (Job)

The Finn Institute is currently seeking to fill a full-time crime technology analyst position. The analyst will work on-site in the Onondaga Crime Analysis Center in Syracuse, NY. The Center is staffed with a team of crime analysts and sworn law enforcement members who support area law enforcement agencies in their efforts to track and reduce Part I Crime.

Please visit the job website below for more information and submission instructions.

The Finn Institute is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer.
Minorities and women are strongly encouraged to apply.

Six “Must Have” Tools for Crime Analysts (Article)

Crime Analysts across the country are becoming the secret weapons for their organizations. Their crime products, whether the identification of crime patterns, problem areas, or spotting repeat offenders, are helping organize and prioritize crime reduction responses and community policing efforts.

To empower these secret weapons, crime analysts must have the proper tools to be successful in their roles. In this article we identify the top seven tools every crime analyst must own.

Chemical-metallographic test with nitric acid on the vehicle body and chassis of steel (Article)

The alteration of a vehicle identification characteristics is
carried out with the use of emery and sandpaper to erase
the information in order to subsequently superimpose different
numeric or alphanumeric codes, thus preventing the
verification of its former origin or ownership and hindering
its tracking. Chemical attack has been recognized as the
most sensitive technique to retrieve altered serial numbers,
and this article was aimed at assessing the effectiveness
of nitric acid (HNO3) 3.15 M in revealing them on body and
chassis surfaces with steel, low-carbon and medium carbon
steel alloys respectively. Four tests were performed: (i)
Bodywork: marking, and erasing with grinding machine,
(ii) bodywork: marking with electric pen, and manual deletion;
(iii) chassis: marking, and manual deletion, and (iv)
manual marking, and erasing with grinding machine. In all
tests carried out, erased markings were retrieved in a few
seconds, with definition and contrast.

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